It’s no secret that most businesses are struggling to increase revenue and profits. While companies used to rely on newspaper, radio, and television advertisements, today companies are moving to the web and social media to find new customers, promote their brands, and drive more sales. 

But with so many different platforms available—from Google ads to Facebook—many business owners don’t know where or how to spend their advertising dollars. That’s where Weback Technologies comes in.

The story of how we started

I started out in web development, and my two main clients were small companies with similar goals. Their sites weren’t converting traffic and they weren’t making enough sales from their websites. 

I eventually came up with a plan for one of them to use Google Adwords for specific keywords related to their products and services. Within three months, we saw a huge increase in website traffic, and sales from organic search had also increased significantly due to enhanced SEO efforts. The client got his ROI, he was happy and asked me if I could create a similar plan for his other business partner.

The people behind WeBack Technologies

In any business, it is essential to have a strong team that can handle every aspect of your business. While our founders are focused on technology and sales, there are a number of other individuals who ensure that we continue to operate like a well-oiled machine. 

With our company, it’s all about diversification and working together towards a common goal. This week, I sat down with the team, our top freelance developers here at WeBack. As you will soon see in their bios below, they all have extensive experience in multiple areas and brings their own personal touch to everything they do.

Our office space

If you’ve ever wondered what a B2B marketing company’s office space looks like, check out our office! Our office is located in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh very near to the snow-capped peaks of Dharamshala. 

It has views of mountains from all sides (meaning no ugly, flat walls), perfect for stargazing. And guess what? Mountains mean that we also have great internet access! The video below shows you around our office: Our favorite part of being in Hamirpur is that we can go hiking or skiing if we want to burn off some steam after a long day. To learn more about our awesome location, click here!

What services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of services to help our clients make sure they’re getting everything they can out of their online marketing. 

To make it easier to navigate through all that we offer, we’ve created some categories for our services: Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, and Business Consulting. These services are included in every package we offer because each is vital to your success with online marketing.

How do we use technology to make our business better?

At WeBack Technologies, we use technology in almost every area of our business. It helps us stay up to date with our clients and their needs and also allows us to work more efficiently. Although we have many different applications that help us, there are two that stand out above all others: Salesforce and Slack. 

By using these programs, we are able to communicate better with clients and staff; resulting in a much more productive organization! Without further ado, here’s how they helped us improve. Salesforce is an amazing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application that allows you to track your sales efforts as well as customer information in one easy place. This program has revolutionized everything about our sales force!

How do we make decisions?

A few months ago, I decided to get a new car. First I visited a local dealership and took a test drive of several models I was interested in. During my test drive, I gathered lots of information about each model that included things like fuel efficiency, comfort level, and ride quality. 

As a result of my test drive, I knew exactly which car to choose when it came time to make a purchase. Before visiting our dealer we also set up appointments with 3 competing dealers that were located within an hour’s drive from our home to gather even more information about other cars available in our price range.

Anything else you’d like to know about us?

In your opinion, how do you make your articles so useful and enjoyable to read? How long did it take you to write those previous posts? 

Do you have any tips or suggestions for people that want to start writing their own blogs or professional articles? What are some of your favorite reads right now? Are there any interesting stories behind them (e.g. why did they start their company)? Is there anything else I haven’t asked about that you would like to say about yourself and/or services/products/website(s) you offer?

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